A Severe Crime

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The girl I once was

She looked at the world before her. It was a new place. Vehicles speeding past. Traders hawking. Marketers selling.
A new life. A new name. A new game.

She did not understand anything as she watched people rush off along the boulevards.
It was so different from where she came from. So busy. So hectic.
Where she came from there was always a “goodmorning” but here everyone was on their own.

She clutched tightly to her crimson purse with the fear that a criminal lurked around. She’d heard that criminals were more common in the streets of the big city than in their vast prison facilities…

She however hoped it was a robber and not the detective who had been investigating her in her town. At least she thought he had been a detective. He had been prodding and asking questions about her, the way one did about a criminal.

He wouldn’t even recognise me she thought. My looks are different and indeed she had a total different face… a new face.

No one from her past would recognize her.
She hated her past life that’s why she had to escape from the hardship.
After the murder she committed everyone including the police had seemed to be on her neck…
Afraid of the cold stares and obvious hate, she ran away with her lover who left her for another woman just outside the subway station.

She had no money, no friends…
For the first time she was alone in the world

If she went back to her father he’d probably chase her away with a cutlass. She everyday, wondered what happened to the times he would swing her and call her a princess or take her to the bar and boast about her beauty and how much they’d have to pay to get between her legs.
Everyone hated her now..

All because she was a killer and a terrorist who had committed a crime no one should commit! A heartless crime which shamed her…
A crime that seemed to leave the people of her town cursing at her.
A crime worth nothing at all.
She had killed a goldfish worth nothing at all.

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June 20, 2014 Reply

Good stuff

June 25, 2014 Reply

uhmm… a goldfish?

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