Window Wails

3 years ago by in Deep


I hesitate to open my windows, for fear that fragments of terror may fly in
It’s a cold harmattan morning
And we expect nothing but a hazy day
It’s just dust my sister says to me
I turn around to find her standing by the door
Inhaler in check
Her asthma may act up again today
Her frail frame is cause for worry
A child shouldn’t know pain
It’s just dust she repeats
Open up your windows you need some fresh air
Her sing-song voice; broken music to my ears
How do I tell her
How do I explain to her that it’s not just dust
That the wind carries with it a magnitude of fear
How do I tell her that the air is heavy with the cries of wailing mothers
And the weeping of our young girls haunting my sleep at night
That when I close my eyes, all I see are shadows
That we have failed her, those of us meant to save her
With our anticipating for a better tomorrow when we have not acted to save today
That our fathers have failed us but much cannot be said for their sons either
What can I say to assure her and myself that we will be safe
That this fear will blow past
That there is hope even when we do not see it
That these will soon become tales we tell our children
Tales that they will find almost impossible to believe because of the disparity with their own reality
Almost. But they will see our scars and know our truth
I find it difficult to form the words I am yet to believe
But I must speak, I must proclaim what is indeed truth
Seemingly inconsistent with the present facts, but truth all the same
Because truth is, we arise, me and the people like me
We make better choices than those who came before us
Because we feel for others beyond ourselves
Because we care for change beyond personal comfort
We see, we believe, we act
We forego silence,
And we hold ourselves accountable
The words come as I push open the window
Hania, I call her…
You’re right, there is no fear here
It’s just dust. And peace. An abundance of peace.


Our hearts go out to the still missing school girls abducted weeks ago. We keep them in our prayers, keeping the faith, still hoping and believing for their release
We choose to rise beyond the panic and the fear. We choose to take a stand for the peace of the land we call home. We choose to refrain from pointing fingers. We choose to link our hands and our hearts for the future of our nation. We choose to ensure that ours becomes a country where we do not go to bed with one eye kept open, worried for our little sisters. We stand for peace. We stand for change – it begins with me.


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