Black Doves

3 years ago by in Reality


“No way! You have to be kidding! What nonsense is this for goodness sake?” Mobola yelled as she searched her purple purse frantically. She brought out all the contents of the purse but it still didn’t seem like she would find what she was looking for. Her roommate had just asked her a question but she was far from paying attention. Ima left the mirror with her hair half curled to find out what was wrong with Mobola since she didn’t respond to her question the first time.

“Chill joor! What’s wrong? What are you looking for?” Ima asked.
“I kept money in this purse.” Mobola fumed. “I don’t know how money can just disappear like that!”
“You’re sure you kept money there?” Ima asked.
“Of course I know I kept money there. This is beginning to piss me off!” Mobola exclaimed.
“When last did you see the money?” Ima asked as she shifted a few things on the table to search.
“Why all these questions tho? I’m sure the money was stolen because this is not the first time!”
“Hmmmm… these days Chinenye and Christiana have been frequenting here… maybe…”
“Ehen! Shebi I said it! That Christiana that…” Mobola said as she made for the door.
“Abeg I didn’t say she took it o! I only said…” Ima tried to caution her friend who had already made it out the door.

Ima quickly tied a scarf to hide her half made hair with her feet struggling to get into flip flops. As Ima got out of the room to lock her door, Mobola was about entering Christiana and Chinenye’s. Mobola had an angry face on and didn’t even spend a second at their door before bursting into the room.

“Abeg if anyone of you took my money, please return it. I’ll just pretend it was a joke.” Mobola snapped.
“If you don’t mind, I find that insulting.” Chinenye retorted calmly.
“What do you mean by if we took your money? Do we look like we…” Christiana was going to say.
“EHN!” Mobola shouted with her palm facing Christiana, shutting her up. “Just bring my money!”
“Come o! I even thought she was joking.” Chineye said surprised. “Have you asked Ima?”
“God punish your mouth! Ask me for what?” Ima retorted almost immediately.
“Since she has the guts to accuse us of stealing her money I would think she was at least wise enough to…” Chinenye was going to say.
“Of course I have guts to accuse thieves like you!” Mobola cut her shut.
“I dare you to call us thieves again.” Christiana requested, obviously infuriated.
“Thieves! Ole! Barawo!” Mobola yelled at the top of her voice.
“Oh no she didn’t!” Christiana yelled as she pushed Mobola to the wall, hitting her face continuously.

The table swayed to the side and as everything on it fell to the floor. Ima picked up Chinenye’s wallet and hid it in her brassiere before yelling to save what was left of the seeming mob scene.

“Hey! Stop fighting! Leave her alone!” Ima yelled as she tried to stop the fight with a face as innocent as a dove.

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