That First Love+

Yes. I remember that first Love of mine. Sauntering towards me in the finest exquisite suit I had ever seen....

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A Sound Like My Tears+

What accent is that? I’m often asked. And for many nights after, I try to remember where I picked it...

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Helping Hand+

  Silently, he held out his hand To my weary, drowning self Unthinking, I started to reach for him Then...

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The Aftermath+

    I had loved. And had been loved. I had known happiness, in that same love. I had given...

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If I were stronger I’d say a permanent goodbye To life To strife To misery To pain Ah…..the pain No,...

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Velvet Red+

There is always a spark The one thing that always catches your eye Be sure to observe before you hark...

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Her Sudden Departure+

Her Sudden Departure Her eyes. Emerald. Hiding what existed within. Her neck was slender. Her body… thin. Her hair in...

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Pull the Plug+

The doctor’s report said everything. Mama was alive but she was really dead. He swallowed hard looking down at her....

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